dumb shit below about plush selling dreams and realities

one day I will be able to sell things for cash

perhaps something easy-to-make and highly customization with wide appeal 

sighs because not going to happen

and scalemate trades are nice to offset cosplay costs, but they can be a pain in the ass even with the system I currently have because I’d rather have cash and buy multiple things at once in a cost effect manner

Maybe I can make Monobears/Monomis/Usamis??? I really should have tried to capitalize on ponies, too.

Is there even a market for terrifying robotic bear things

(When I was younger and first starting out with all this sewing stuff, I did small plush before I did cosplay. I had a cute little dream that I’d one day have the skills to pattern and sell a variety of plush and have that essentially serve as a part time job for me when I got older. Middle school delusions sure are nice.)

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