Happy, “YAY PALINDROMES” 1771 followers giveaway! (I’m turning 17 on 7/7 so these numbers are amusing to me okay.)

So, basically I have too much red fleece left over from my Terezi cape. Therefore, the winner of the giveaway gets one custom scalemate. As long as its main body is red.
But do you know what that means?

 You can request a Dave Strider scalemate. 

So, this is pretty much a Dave Stridermate giveaway. (Unless there’s another body/eye color you’d rather have.)

  • 1 like for followers
  • 1 reblog for anyone
  • You must tag your reblog with “vm giveaway”
  • Ends March 28, 2013
  • Shipping to the US ONLY, but if you live somewhere else and want to help pay for shipping, we’re good.

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