VM’s ???? Giveaway

because man I just don’t really want this one and I don’t know what to do with it
so obviously I’m going to dump it on you guys because why do you guys like this thing
screw waiting for follow milestones that would take too long I can’t even think of an excuse to give him away besides that I don’t really want him and I have too many scalemates already

You get one horrible monstrosity of a scalemate. He’s made of anti-pill fleece to preserve his eye scalding glory. 

  • Reblog once. Tag your reblog with “vm giveaway”. (This is my way of checking that you read the post.)
  • Followers get a like 
  • Ends Feb 9th 2013
  • If you’re going to Katsucon, I can give it you there
  • Shipping to US only unless you wanna help with shipping costs
  • If you’re not going to Katsu, I’m not shipping him out until after Katsucon. 

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