i’ve never drawn the prosecuting queen before

isn’t her outfit so great i’d love one


HUSBANDS I CAN’T CHOOSE anyway 3am quick doodle


Me badly cosplaying as Fey women. :D

Every course that isn’t in ‘women’s studies’ is a de facto a course in ‘men’s studies”- except we usually call it “history,” “political science,” “literature,” “chemistry.
Michael Kimmel, The Gendered Society


Lone's Favorite Fictional Characters List 
Franziska von Karma- Ace Attorney "I grow tired of the foolish foolery of the foolish fools of this foolish country..."


What a perfect boyfriendo, he can carry my bags and keep an arm around me at the same time. What a gentleman.


This is for my guuurlll Maru because it’s her birthday and I know she loves these two. Sorry you seem to have had a craptastic day! I hope this makes you smile <3


Flyer then a kite I get higher than Rapunzel
Keep the snow white I could buy it by the bundle 
Stack your cookies up for they crumble.
Don’t be actin’ like the cardinals and gone fumble 


i got Colors! on the 3ds and drew Gaius during my 2 hour break :D

you can watch the progress thing here 


Persona 4 Fan Week Day 3: Favorite NPC SLink

step aside shitlords, best girl coming through

Anonymous whispered:
do you remember where you bought the shoes for your nameless dangan ronpa idol cosplay? they're super cute and i want a pair for regular wear ahaha

they’re from aliexpress and you can find them by searching “ bow heart heel wedge shoes” ! though they’re cheap as fuck and I think they split on Violet, so they’re probably not great for normal wear. I got them for like $15 and they’re not worth much more than that tbh

Robin brings the thunder! (x)

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